The Struggle is Real – Education amidst CoVID-19

The countless problems that CoVID-19 brought to the life of Filipinos include education. If we have to maintain social distancing, if public gatherings are not allowed, and if the transportation is ridiculously limited, how do we go about with classes without compromising the safety of both the learners and the teachers? Continue reading

The Gifts that Keep on Giving

On July 17, 2018, a huge box arrived at Jawili Integrated School from Kuya Glen of and somehow, the students who saw the box arrive must have sensed that it holds a lot of wonderful things for them.

After sorting the books, bags, toys, and other school and office supplies at the principal’s office, some of the students helped me carry the books to our makeshift library. The learners, especially the elementary students begged me to allow them to read the books right away. I told them that I have to add the books’ information to the inventory first so I will allow them to read the books but only in the library for the time being. They cannot borrow any of the books overnight until I am done with all the documentation and inventory.Continue reading

2020: A Year in History – Hell Week

It started on what our students call “hell week”. Although the performance outputs in different subjects were held a couple of weeks ago, their other compliances must be submitted on that particular week. In addition, the final quarter exams are scheduled on that same week. Little did they know that it somehow feels similar to how we, the teachers feel. We were checking projects and other outputs, we have started encoding their scores to the e-class record or electronic class record, some of us were computing the learners’ grades, committees for the commencement exercises were holding brainstorming sessions and some have even started with the preparations. Little did we know that none of what we were doing even matters.http:Continue reading

Getting to school is only part of the problem

December – in just a few months, Shiela will finally finish junior high school. She is in grade 10 and when asked how she feels that she is about to move up from junior high school to senior high school, she answered, “Happy and sad”. She explained that she is happy that she finally completed a decade of studies. However, she is sad because the future is uncertain where her education is concerned. “I might not experience being in Senior High School at all,” she expressed, teary-eyed.

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